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The show's purpose is help the people to play the Kingdom of Loathing's ascension game more efficiently and perhaps introduce players to speed ascension.

Mar 30, 2019

  • Violetinsane will be walking us through the never seen before Glitch season and how we can best get our hands on the new PvP item, which still remains unimplemented. If it ends up becoming ascension relevant, we'll all want one!

  • Phillammon is a prime example of a new and improving listener of the podcast who is learning all the important mechanics of the game. Phil has been making incredible progress on his journey to speeding, and the only things slowing him down are a lack of permanent skills and niche knowledge that comes with years of play.

  • Phil has made a zone simulator for the 8-Bit Realm. We'll be talking a little bit about that, and perhaps how this could be extended to other areas of the game.
    Spreadsheet with Phil's findings

  • March's IotM: the vampyric cloake!

  • In depth discussion of Dark Gyffte. Expect tricks, tips and routing that builds upon last episode's brief overview!

  • Discussion of resource management, particularly limited-per-day skills, such as banishes, as well as "sniff skills" (producing "queue copies").

What else is new?

The Ascension Speed Show talk with KoL creator, Jick on April 13th! Submit your questions for our special guest in the #Jick-Questions channel on Discord.

Bonus Podcast: In preparation for the resource management section of the podcast, The Dictator and Aenimus held a short broadcast to remind people what the "queue" is, and what we mean by "queue copies"; i.e., using "sniffs":

Full version TwitchYouTube;

Special turn generation and resource allocation spreadsheet for Dark Gyffte. It also has loads of resource planning, courtesy of The ErosionSeeker and others. Check it out!

The ErosionSeeker's latest infographic on how to Ensorcel a Spant!

Dudemcbob's Chasm NC Cheat Sheet (Updated!)

Discord Invite link: