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The show's purpose is help the people to play the Kingdom of Loathing's ascension game more efficiently and perhaps introduce players to speed ascension.

Sep 21, 2018

Apologies for the postponed episode; it's been a hectic few weeks for both Lyft and Aenimus, but we're glad to be back! We're joined by speedster and Kingdom of Loathing Developer* yojimbos_law.

*technically a beta-tester, because CDMoyer still has a restraining order against one or more of us :)

Slaw, as he will henceforth be affectionately nicknamed, will talk to us about the Non-Combat and Combat queue! Slaw understands the queue and how to manipulate it better than most anyone in the kingdom and is here to share the answers to the following questions (and more):

  • How likely am I to see X encounter?

  • Why do I see X encounter more/less than X encounter?

  • When should/shouldn't I use a banish?

  • Should I always skip useless NCs?

  • How does olfaction work?

Please note Slaw can't give out information that is not currently public. No leaks. Maybe some leeks.

Other topics covered:

  • September's IotM, the Neverending Party

  • The Fall Challenge Path (Disguises Delimit)

  • Audience Q&As