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The show's purpose is help the people to play the Kingdom of Loathing's ascension game more efficiently and perhaps introduce players to speed ascension.

Dec 18, 2018

Aenimus, Sawyer, and Dictator are joined by Dryhad to discuss and advise his run log! Dryhad is comfortably managing 3 day HC runs. We are going to try and pull some key points from his log so that he can break 2 days!

EDIT: Dryhad has already saved over 50 turns since this episode! Way to go!

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Dec 4, 2018

Our first guest is Violetinsane, a prominent and celebrated PvPer. She will be discussing how to approach PvP optimally and also how to maximize your swagger in PvP.

Our second guest will once again be KoL developer Yojimbos_law! "Slaw" will be telling us how he approached the massive amount of spading data for The...