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The show's purpose is help the people to play the Kingdom of Loathing's ascension game more efficiently and perhaps introduce players to speed ascension.

Aug 6, 2018

We're delighted to be joined by Cheesecookie (#2355952), one of the most prolific scripters, botters and robots around in KoL!

This episode we're going to talk about the strange, wonderful mechanic called "superlikelies" and why you should care what they are.

Other topics we will cover:

  • We chat with Cheesecookie about his KoL history and work on the ascension script "cc_ascend"
  • A brief look at the August 2018 IotM, Bastille Battalion (aka Cheesecookie War Machine)

  • Updated thoughts on the cat burglar

Wiki link about Encounter hierarchy.
(Lyft also modified the chart found on the above Wiki page to remove non-standard encounters. Here is the edit.)

Lyft's infographic to clarify the Nuns Trick.

Infographic made by The Erosionseeker (#1937905) explaining the Pokegarden/Thanksgarden interaction.

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